Masterbatch And Compound Material
Masterbatch and Compound Material

Masterbatch and Compound Material

Masterbatch is pre-dispersed concentrated color that is let down with natural polymer during molding. With a precolour all the polymer is entirely compounded with the proper amount of color and delivered ready-to-use, eliminating metering and dispersion difficulties.
A masterbatch offers economic advantages associated with resin purchasing and color obsolescence.
Additionally, since masterbatches are not fully compounded most of the polymer used does not exhibit an additional heat history, potentially deteriorating the properties of some polymers.

Compound Material is a Remanufactured raw material but added to it some additives so it can enhance the original raw material properties such as (hardness, boiling point, shrinkage and density) And the mixture is made according to the products needs and application Mostly both Masterbatch and Compound material are used in Injection molding cause of the variety of applications and products.


 Etico have 3 extruders for Masterbatch and compound material
1st extruder is a full automated with a weight and loss system for compound material to assure the percentage of the mixture to be perfect. The extruder capacity 2500MT per year.
2nd extruder is semi automatic system with a hot mixer to assure the mixing and homogenty for master
The extruder capacity 2000MT per year.
3rd extruder is mainly used for small quantities for masterbatch and samples.

Our products

Masterbatch according to base to be 100% sure that no visual problems on the customer product
Masterbatch Base ABS, Masterbatch Base HIPS, Masterbatch Base PC
Masterbatch Base GPPS, Masterbatch Base PE, Masterbatch Base PP

We can produce compound material up 60% CACO3

We are a certified supplier for Electrolux Compound

PP with CACO3 up to 50%
PE with CACO3 up to 60%
PS with CACO3 up to 40%